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Lanzarote Northen Attractions

In just one day, we travelled from Playa Blanca at the southermost point of the island and made our first stop at the Mirador Del Rio high in the mountains in the north, stopping off to take some spectacular pictures from this strategic lookout point, cut into the mountain side. We then turned at the top of the island and made our descent to sea level where we saw an array of different coulered sands blown across the sea from the Sahara desert. shortly after this we arrived at our second attraction, the Jameos del Agua. Enchanting, Mystical & Magical, the three most common words used to describe a place created as a result of a formation of gas explosions within a volcanic bubble.

Over the years, seawater has flooded the tunnels so that eventually a lagoon has been left behind. A lagoon that is home to thousands of tiny white crabs that have become blind through many years of living in poor light, alagoon that has a bar and a restaurant and even a nightclub three times a week ! Almost next door, we foud La Cueva de los Verdes, one of the longest volcanic galleries in the world at 6km long and there is surprise element to this tour which I cannot tell you about otherwise it would spoil your visit. You need to be reasonably fit and healthy as you need to climb several stairs and bend over in order to get under many low recesses.

It is impossible to take a pushchair into the caves. Then we moved on to the Jardin de Cactus to see 1,400 different species all planted together in a small area of land to create the beautiful Cactus Garden. .

By: John Plumb

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