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Miamis Most Romantic Date Locations

Most of my columns deal with things to do as a completely unattached swinging single: going to bars and clubs with friends, dancing, hitting on attractive members of the opposite sex, feats of strength, and the like. This column will deal with an entirely different sort of activity: going on dates. Most of the locations and venues I talk about will be acceptable for any couple ? be it a first date or a 25th anniversary (though for some venues, like the House of Irritating Relatives, might be better left to couples who are secure in their relationship). Miami is a great city for all kinds of nightlife ? and has many fantastic venues for dates, ranging from the incredibly informal to the ultra-austere. Let's start with dinner, shall we?.The Palme d'Or is more than just a semi-prestigious film award ? it is also a fantastic, upscale French restaurant in Coral Gables.

It's expensive and classy (wear a jacket), and the food is really fantastic. This might be a little much for a first date (unless rich and curiously magnanimous is what you are going for?maybe it is good for a first date?), but it is a great location for important anniversaries and events. All of your French food favorites are available here in fine form. The duck fois gras with truffle is unbelievably good, if you like that kind of thing. The atmosphere is warm and romantic, and you'll probably only have to sell a minor organ to pay the bill.

For a more casual (but still quality) dining experience, try Doraku ? a nice sushi place on Miami Beach. The sushi is incredibly fresh (the ocean being all around, and all), and the service is always very good. This is my favorite first date spot in Miami ? it's quite nice, the food is delicious, and the prices are reasonable but not cheap (plus I just really like sushi). The staff is always personable, and the décour adequately (but not stiflingly) romantic. Doraku is a great all around restaurant, for dates or otherwise.Naturally, there is far more to do in Miami on a date than just dinner.

You could see a show, or a symphony concert ? both great choices. However, if you wanted to do that, you'd be getting tickets instead of reading this hackish article. From that, I can surmise that you are looking for slightly less cliché destinations, and I am here to help.First up, a spot that is a favorite with locals and tourists alike: the Bayside Marketplace. It's a handsome collection of shops, bars, restaurants, and other entertaining venues by the waterfront that is open until 11:00pm on weekends. There's certainly something for everyone here, from drinks and live music to shopping and quaint open-air walkways.

It is also a very romantic place to watch boats come in and out of Marina, and is a nice place to go for a date when you don't have anything in particular in mind.The next place I am recommending will always be a bit of a gamble. It will be either a rollicking good time for you both, or a largely unpleasant event for everyone involved. I am, of course, talking about an evening at the Miami Improv Comedy Club. This club is a Coconut Grove staple that dates to the mid 1960s, and sports both newcomers and the old guard of the comedy world.

Just make sure you pick the night you go carefully; it will mean the difference between a night of fun and entertainment watching someone like Steven Wright and a night of being told repeatedly (and increasingly belligerently) to "get ready to LAFF" by an overweight prop comic. Even with this warning, the Improv is still one of my favorites. If it's bad you can make the jokes.The last location I have for you is admittedly a bit cliché, but I feel I would be in err to neglect it.

Being as you are in Miami ? home to some of the most famous beaches in the world ? you might consider taking a walk on the beach. The lights of the city on the water at night, combined with the boats going in and out, can make for a memorable experience. Again, may not be the be first date location ("I'D LOVE TO GET YOU ALONE ON A DESERTED BEACH AFTER HAVING A FEW DRINKS"), but depending on how the evening goes, who knows? One thing is sure ? there have been many a waning relationship that has gotten re-sparked by a romantic walk on the beach. Statistics say that. And everyone knows there is nothing more romantic than statistics.

Hopefully that gets you started on date locations in Miami. I've really only scratched the surface of great date spots, and leave you to discover your own. Be creative and thoughtful, and you're sure not to spend the rest of your life alone.

Happy travels.

.Nick Jurkowski is the senior editor for Millenium Limo where he educates the public about the limousine services they offer, as well as the bounty of Miami's nightlife.

By: Nick W. Jurkowski

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