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The Bahamas Are The Ideal Getaway

As everyone knows, the Bahamas are one of the most sought out vacation areas to travel to. Thousands of people each year travel there for the warm climate, sandy beaches, and the many attractions the islands have to offer.One of the main attractions that seems to draw a lot of visitors is the abundance of superior tailored hotels. Most of the more popular hotels, are located with ocean front views. Tourists seem to love to wake up in the morning, and see the ocean as their first vision of the day. Supposedly, it has some type of enlightenment on a person's nervous system.

Some of the more highly prestigious hotels are the Abaco Beach Resort, and the Small Hope Bay Lodge.The Abaco Beach Resort is located on the outer part of the islands. They provide all sorts of accomodation, dining, entertainment shows, along with local attractions, and special setup island events.Another main feature they take pride in is setting up things like birthday parties and weddings.

The whole resort covers around 52 acres in total area. It has around 82 fully pampered rooms, tennis courts, fitness rooms full of exercise equipment, a specially setup marina designed for fishing, a dive shop, pools, and many other extravagant features. It's the perfect place to go on a vacation if you really want to just kick back and relax. The total square footage of the place is around 7,500 sq.

feet.The Small Hope Bay Lodge has been a primary spot for scuba divers, lovers and friends to escape to. The dramatic features of the coral reefs and underwater activities of fish provide all sorts of entertainment for singles and families to enjoy. Other types of activities would include bonefishing, snorkeling, lounging around under a nice shady palm tree, or just strolling around the many private beaches. A lot of people get peace of mind just sitting on the beach and reading a favorite book. Whatever you like to do, the Small Hope Bay Lodge tries to enrich your experience.

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas, and it lies on the New Providence Island which is near Paradise Island. These two islands get a lot of the national celebrities' attention. Notably, lots of actors, actresses, musicians and politicians either own some type of residence or rent one for periods of time throughout the year in the Bahamas.

Statistically the islands are one of the most sought out vacation spots in the world. The most highly sought out of any spot in the Bahamas would have to be Atlantis. Atlantis is located on Paradise Island and is referred to as the "Ideal Getaway". Cruises, hotels and tourist attractions, are just a few of the spectacular features Atlantis has to offer. Accommodation at places like the Royal Towers, or the Imperial Club, or the famous Coral Tower usually stay booked year round.Beach Tower and Harborside Resort are just more examples of the plush hotels that reside within Atlantis.

A four day package to Atlantis usually runs around $500. A lot of people consider that a very cheap price considering everything that is provided along with everything you receive during your stay.One other notable resort is the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort located in the capital's Cabel Beach. They actually have 2 unique islands and they carry people from one to the other by a ferry boat.

The ferry boat ride is one of the highly luxurious features that they take pride in.One of the main attractions is the European built Five Diamond Award monument. It seems to attract a host of unique visitors to it each year. Local tours are provide between both of the islands each day.

Some of the luxuries at the hotels would include pampered accommodation, fine dining, Red Lane Spa, scuba diving, and an enormous golf course. Weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays are all celebrated there year round. They also host a just couples resort designed for lovers and friends to spend private time alone with each other.


Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to The Bahamas

By: Michael Russell

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