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Tips for FirstTimers to Las Vegas Getting There

When visiting Las Vegas for the first time it can be quite overwhelming. The following tips can help you enjoy your vacation and relieve unwanted stress.Before You Leave - Book As Much As You Can Online.Las Vegas is an extremely busy place. The last thing you want is to plan your dream vacation only to find out everything is sold-out when you get there. Las Vegas Hotels, Las Vegas Shows and Las Vegas Tours are the reason people go to Las Vegas.

TIP: Book ahead and you will be guaranteed to enjoy your stay.Choosing Your Las Vegas Hotel.The main Las Vegas strip is approx. 5 miles from end to end and the most economical way of getting around is to walk. You can take the new monorail or a taxi but these can add up and take away from your fun money.

Also, if you are there to sight-see the vast hotel properties you will miss out by taking alternate transportation.TIP: Book a hotel in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. These hotels vary from very economical (Imperial Palace) to very posh (Caesar's Palace).Flying Into Las Vegas McCarran Airport.

You finally made it. Your hotel is booked, your shows are booked and your tours are booked. Now you just want to get to your hotel and relax for a bit.

Simple, right? Wrong. Depending on when you get in you will be faced with a wait for a taxi cab and if it is during the day in the summer the heat will almost kill you and if it is late at night the cold will also get to you.TIP: If your travel plans do not include hotel transfers and you are traveling with a partner or a group, send someone outside to stand in line for a taxi cab while the others wait to pick up the luggage. At peak times, waits can be as long as an hour for a taxi cab. Also, do not be afraid to ask the attendant if there are any hotel shuttles you may take, as a lot of times these shuttles leave with many empty seats available.

Getting to Your Hotel by Taxi Cab.TIP: Do not ask your driver to take the strip. It will cost you as you sit in long lines of traffic that seem to move backwards. Taking the #15 will reduce your cab ride substantially as it bypasses the strip and has many exits that will get you to your hotel much faster. Why waste your money?.Checking Into Your Hotel.

When checking in to your hotel, don't be afraid to ask the Front Desk if there are any free upgrades available. Depending on the time of the year some hotels are not always booked to capacity and will gladly give you perks when asked politely. Why stay in a standard room if a deluxe room is available at no extra cost. You will appreciate a Jacuzzi tub after walking the strip all day.TIP: Unless your room has a view, try to stay in the lower floors where you can access the main floor by taking the stairs.

At peak times you can wait 5 - 10 minutes every time you want to catch an elevator. It can wear on your patience after awhile.2005 ikrave entertainment group inc., All rights reserved.

.About the Author:.The author, Dave Kitt, is a frequent traveler to Las Vegas and from experience has compiled these tips to make your trip more enjoyable.

To book all your Las Vegas needs please visit:.http://www.lasvegas-hotels.


By: Dave Kitt

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