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Top Ten Reasons To Pick A Vacation Rental

Top Ten Reasons To Pick A Vacation Rental By David Leonhardt We are planning a family trip for just a few days. That is my family, my brother's family, and my other brother's family. Our mother will be joining us, too. That makes four households, seven adults and six children all under three years old. Praise to my brave (foolish?) wife who has somehow volunteered to coordinate the arrangements. Even reserving months in advance, we were unable to get four rooms adjoining at the motel, all with the right view and on the right level.

If we were going for longer, we would probably rent a house as we have done before. There are vacation rentals in almost every corner of the world, but they are particularly common in high-tourist areas like Florida, California and the Mediterranean countries. Here is my top ten list of why a family should pick a vacation rental (and specifically a vacation rental home): 1.Not toiling to find ideal, adjoining rooms.

2.Everybody gets privacy, without having to worry about where the kids are. 3.

You don't have to share the common area with strangers, but you can still lounge around together. 4.More than one bathroom. Need I say more? 5.

Lots and lots and lots of more room. This is usually the main selling feature. 6.Private pool, in most cases. "Great to swim with the sound of insects.fortunately outside the 'cage'", wrote one visitor in the guestbook of Lesley & Gerry's villa.

http://www.lastminutevillas.net/villa/?villa_id=15&x=21&y=7 7.Usually cost less than hotels. 8.

Store cold drinks, ice creams, fresh fruit or any other snacks you fancy, which is a huge cost saver, suggests villa owner Christine Creasy. And a great convenience, too. http://www.lastminutevillas.

net/villa/?villa_id=65&x=26&y=7 9.Barbecue any time you want. You can still eat out, but you don't HAVE to.

10. You don't have to take home several weeks' supply of dirty laundry. There you have it. My top ten reasons to choose a vacation rental.

I've written before on the benefits of renting private accommodations: http://www.lastminutevillas.net/villa-hotel.

html Of course, I still prefer a tent in a wilderness park, but I might have some difficulty convincing my mother to join us there. .

By: David Leonhardt

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