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Travel to New York and Even Get on a TV Show

Travel to New York.Would you like to Travel to New York? The dream became reality in the summer of 1996 as I stayed in New York for a week after working at a summer camp in Maine. Two of my friends also said let's Travel to New York and jumped on a plane from London Heathrow to JFK to join me in the big apple.

Looking back, we could have planned the trip better as there is so much to see in New York but we managed to catch an Ice Hockey Game at Madison Square Gardens, watched the Yankees win at Baseball, and even appear on a national TV Show!.We were hanging around Times Square when one of the staff from the Montel Williams show offered us free tickets for the afternoon show, so two guys from Scotland and a Londoner sat in the audience while the usual story unfolded on stage with married couples having affairs.So, fresh from our Montel Williams Show we then went on to visit the famous NBC studio tour in New York where we also managed to grab free tickets to the Conan O'Brien show ! It was a decent show with some guy from LA Law as the main guest.Accomodation in New York could have been better planned as our first two nights were spent staying in a dodgy hotel near Times Square, think it was called the St James and was only $25 per night!.Back in 1996 the internet was just emerging but you can now book many New York hotels online from the comfort of your own home.

I also recommend staying on a New York youth hostel. I stayed in a few youth hostels in the Chelsea area which was basic but great, one of them even had a free beer night where you could meet up with people from around the world!.Would I travel to New York again ? Yes, there is so much to see and do apart from the usual tourist attractions. I would plan your trip to New York well in advance and buy a good guidebook while also making sure you have plenty of dollars with you as it is not the cheapest place!.


By: Walter Patrick

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