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Visit Bisbee Copper Mine

Bisbee, AZ was once a booming copper mine town. Copper is found all over Arizona and Flagstaff was another location of a huge mine, which is also now closed. There are many other copper mines of note worthiness around our nation.

Some of the great mines were in Arizona. Bisbee was number one, but also there was Tiger, Tombstone, Morenci, Mammoth and Ajo all in Arizona. Bizbee mine is now a really cool tourist stop and a must see if you get to that part of Arizona. You will learn much about our history and industrial might in mining.In my travels I has previously visited several mines in the past such as the Berkeley Pit in Butte Montana. I also recommend this to anyone who travels and has interest in such things.

http://www.carwashguys.com/tour_berkeley.shtml.The Berkely Pit is now a Superfund site and they are attempting to clean up the water using new filtration systems. One of the neatest and newest discoveries with such water filtration comes from a gentleman in Oklahoma, Mr.

Gordon Richards gordonrl@swbell.net in case you may be able to use this revolutionary filtration process.The closing of all these mines is estimated at taking 4.66 Billion dollars out of Arizona's economy in a 2000 study by the Arizona Economical Development Association.

Those mines had some very good paying jobs for Arizonian's hard working people. We should all realize the value of having our own resources here in the US and the jobs it brings to America. Much of this mining is now done abroad due to the arsenic and other left materials and compounds during the mining process, but with new environmental innovations and technologies we can do these things without polluting. Mining has come along way in the last 100-years.

You owe it to yourself to visit this chapter in American History. You'll be glad you did. Think about it.It is estimated that by 2102 AD we will be mining asteroids which are dense in minerals that we need.

In other words off planet mining rather than surface mining on Earth. Sure beats the old days? Arizona is rich in many types of minerals and special metals found within these mines;.Here is one of our Team members in Montana cleaning heavy equipment at the Sun Light Gold Mine in Butte, Montana.

Click here for more.Also of interest in the area are the guided tours of the area which we recommend, not only for the tour guides in-depth knowledge and history, but for a comfortable day of learning and enjoyment. Every year 100's of thousands of people go to the area to see the old ghost towns, copper mine, near bye caverns and other areas of interest.

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